Bobi Kruemberg

Bobi Kruemberg,
Executive Director – St. Lucie West, FL

Bobi grew up in the snowbelt of northeastern Pennsylvania. Soon out of college, she grew tired of the cold and made Florida her home over 20 years ago. Bobi comes to Watercrest with an incredibly diverse background. She started her career in TV broadcasting and theatre production while simultaneously managing restaurants to pay the bills. Early on in her career she began to branch out into many different avenues with a strong motivation to contribute to the betterment of something bigger than herself. Bobi was a successful fundraiser for several nonprofit organizations, in addition to working as an advertising executive. She was a worship director for a local mega church, served on an architectural team in charge of building a community center in Palm Beach Gardens, as well as running a theater department at the same time. Bobi has dedicated 20 years working in nonprofit radio.

It was 11 years ago when Bobi discovered her life’s purpose, working in senior living. Bobi has experience in many aspects of senior living from dining to memory care, life enrichment and administration. Her greatest desire is to enable seniors to live the best chapter of their life at Watercrest. She believes in creating a culture where residents can create meaningful relationships and discover new possibilities.

Outside of work, Bobi has a 16 year old son. They enjoy fishing, traveling, snorkeling and hitting the gym together.



Leisa’s start in healthcare began 25 years ago with an interest in Rehab Therapy after a personal accident. She went on to Southern Crescent Tech. to earn her degree in nursing in 1995. When growing up, Leisa spent a lot of time with her grandmother, whom she was very close to. This led her to an interest in Geriatrics, obtaining a Certification in Long Term Care. After spending several years in geriatrics after college she left to explore other areas in the medical field including Occupational Health and 4 years in Pediatric Neurology.

In 2009, Leisa was recruited as a Wellness Director for a Senior Living company to open a new property in Newnan, GA. She was not familiar with Assisted Living, but dove in with both feet! Soon after, Leisa was promoted to operations as the Executive Director for a Personal Care community near Atlanta. Throughout the next few years, Leisa held roles as Executive Director, regional support including start up communities. Leisa loves educating, training, mentoring, business development, community operations, working with seniors and assisting families to provide for their loved onces.

Empathy, kindness, humility, compassion and integrity are core values that Leisa believes in and incorporate in her daily work and personal life.

Originally from GA, Leisa currently lives in Newnan just south of Atlanta with her cat, Sophie, and her daughter, Natalie, who graduated high school in 2018 and is pursuing a healthcare degree. Together they enjoy hiking, movies, horseback riding, Mexican food, shopping and spend as much time together as they can.



Dawn found her way into healthcare over 20 years ago while caring for her grandmother who had dementia. She witnessed firsthand the compassion and kindness of the staff in the nursing home where she lived and truly admired their work. It was at that time that that Dawn decided to make a change of career. She left a sales and marketing position in New York City’s Garment Center to work with the elderly.

Dawn proudly had the good fortune to hold various positions with leading senior living organizations such as Sunrise Senior Living, CareOne Long-Term Care, Chelsea Senior Living, Oasis Senior Advisors and Discovery Senior Living. She served most of her past 20 years as an Executive Director, but also held positions as a Senior Executive Director, Nursing Home Administrator, Mentor and Training Specialist and Operations Manager. Dawn is a leader that is passionate about working closely with seniors and their family members, providing excellent customer service, creating an engaging environment for my team members and acting as a mentor to those around her.

Dawn is married to her husband Stuart and together they have a 15 year old son named Jack. In her spare time you can find Dawn at the beach, shopping, exercising and doing yoga. She also loves to bake and go fishing with her family.

Blake Patterson


Blake grew up in the small town of Laurens, SC. Throughout life his parents taught him the importance of respect and caring for others. He has always been close to his family and spent many Sundays going to church and then to his grandparent’s house for the day. It was the days spent there where he really found the true meaning of caring and serving others. Blake watched as his grandmother would work all day to make everyone comfortable and happy. This is the vision he brings to being an executive director. We have to strive to make our residents and associates happy, comfortable and joyous each and every day.

Blake attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. After college he started his career working in hospice and this is where his love for senior living began. He then had the chance to work as a marketing director for an assisted living and memory care community. He noticed the importance of front line staff as being a critical part of a communities success. After working a couple of years in marketing, Blake was given the wonderful opportunity to become Executive Director.

Blake then moved on to Independent Living and was the Executive Director. Although, a different type of community, he found that one thing remained consistent. To be a great leader you have to develop the right team to work with you. Yes, front line staff still was very critical in a communities success. He was then awarded the opportunity to be a regional director of sales for the state of South Carolina where he led nine communities sales and marketing.

Blake is very excited to join the Watercrest Columbia as Executive Director where he knows wonderful times are ahead.

Blake has been married for 10 years to Brooke who is a nurse practitioner and professor at The University of South Carolina. They have two children: Hadden Claire age 4 and Briggs age 1. He enjoys traveling, South Carolina Football games and spending time with his family. He also enjoys playing golf when he can find time.

Collin Baranick

Collin Baranick,
Executive Director – Sarasota, FL

Collin’s calling to senior living, inspired by his close relationship with his beloved grandmother, Alma, began during his early teen years. In 1997, Alma fell ill with pneumonia and due to complications, was in and out of hospitals for the next two years. During this time, while being exposed to many different healthcare settings and professionals, Collin saw both the good and the bad in senior healthcare. Collin realized there was a need for better care, and this need sparked a fire in Collin that wanted to deliver the absolute best care and service to the senior population.

Collin graduated nursing school in May of 2010 with plans to immediately enter the senior living industry. He started as a floor nurse for a large senior living provider in Ohio. It was this first-year nurse management position that laid the foundation for all the future opportunities and experiences in Collin’s senior living career. To this day, Collin is known for saying, “it is the front-line staff that will ultimately decide a community’s success.” Collin remembers being a floor nurse working the long nights on the third shift, and this helps him relate to how demanding and vital their roles are. Having this experience instills a desire within Collin to help them grow and overcome their challenges.

Before becoming an Executive Director with Watercrest Senior Living, Collin served in a role as Wellness Director with a large senior living provider in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This position took Collin to many of the company affiliate communities throughout the southeast. During this time, he gained experience in things such as improving community culture, staff training, and quality assurance, and at the same time, helping the various communities as Wellness Director, create an operation that delivered exceptional service to its residents and families. In his travels, Collin was often blessed to travel with the company’s leading executives, where he received invaluable learning lessons and experiences that are still guiding him to this day. Collin’s first Executive Director’s position came just two years after starting with the company. Collin is known to say, “I felt like I got 10 years of experience in 2.” These experiences exposed Collin to the “big picture” of operating a senior living community and sparked a strong desire to continue to grow and learn so he could have a more substantial and overall impact on the lives of seniors.

In recent years, Collin has gained valuable industry knowledge, having experienced the groundbreakings for the construction of new community buildings, the staffing of those new buildings, and the exciting grand openings of the new senior care communities. As the Executive Director, Collin opened two new communities “from the ground up” in South Carolina and Florida.

Now again, as Executive Director at Watercrest Senior Living, Collin is implementing his startup process of building new teams and creating a positive, team-centered culture where all members are not only encouraged, but charged with adding value and collaborating to fulfill the company’s vision and goals. For Collin, seeing the residents move into a new state-of-the-art facility, building relationships, socializing with new friends, creating new groups, and taking ownership of their new home while experiencing the best of the best service will be some of his biggest joys as Executive Director at Watercrest Senior Living.

Collin is originally from a small farm town in southern Ohio and currently lives in Sarasota, Florida. He is blessed with the wife of his dreams, Brittany, and their two little girls Ava, 5, and Mila, 3. Collin and Brittany fell in love with the gulf coast when they moved here in 2017 and are planning to call it home forever.

MaryAnn Howell

MaryAnn Howell,
Executive Director – Winter Park, FL

MaryAnn brings over ten years of Senior Living experience to her role as Executive Director. Her love for seniors was fostered from a very young age. “I remember visiting assisted living communities with my church group as a child. While other children cowered into my Sunday school teacher’s legs, I felt drawn to those wrinkles of unknown origin. I don’t know if it was the warmth in their hugs, wisdom in their faces, or sheer appreciation of someone wanting to visit with them that drew me in, but it was that very feeling that engulfed my soul for the many years to follow.”

Before joining Watercrest Winter Park, MaryAnn worked at another senior living community for 8 years achieving high census and strong financial results. Her servant leadership builds strong teams that drive remarkable results with stewardship, integrity and a culture of caring. MaryAnn is a licensed Assisted Living Administrator, former Florida Department of Elder Affairs core training speaker, Board of the Case Manager Symposium of Florida and an active member of Florida Argentum.

MaryAnn has been married to her husband Reggie for 25 years. They have been blessed with three sons; Donovan, 29 years old, Zachariah, 28 years old and Tony Ray, 21 years old, who are all pursuing college degrees at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. MaryAnn enjoys relaxing on the beach, cooking, theme parks and spending time with family and friends.



Loresa comes to Watercrest with a fourteen year career in Healthcare, with five years of sales and marketing experience. She works tirelessly to to ensure her residents experience the best quality of life. Loresa is a strong believer that one simple act of care toward seniors has an amazing domino effect on their overall wellbeing, joy and happiness. “When I witness these acts of care from a personal assistant, dining server, director or executive, it reminds me why I’m in this industry,” she said. “We have the opportunity to not only change lives, but change families. What a privilege we carry!” 

In her home life, Loresa enjoys spending time with her husband fishing and tailgating at football games. She has one daughter who she spends time with at every given opportunity, often going shopping and spending time at the beach. One of her greatest joys is laughing and playing with her beautiful 8-month old granddaughter, Parrish Ann.

Paige Hodgin

Paige Hodgin,
Executive Director – Fort Mill – Indian Land, SC

Paige grew up in Charlotte, NC but when she attended Winthrop University, she fell in love with Rock Hill and chose to make it her home.  After graduating from Winthrop with a BA in Business Administration, she worked in a variety of fields to include, Hospice, manufacturing equipment sales and even ran a home daycare before landing a marketing position at an assisted living community.

Having been blessed to know both sets of grandparents, a set of great-grand parents and a great, great aunt, she has always known the worth and wisdom of seniors.  She feels doubly blessed to have found a career that draws from that passion.

Having been actively involved with seniors professionally for over 20 years, Paige is certified through the Dementia Dialogues program as a Dementia Specialist. She has also served as a member and chairperson on the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s committee in the York, Lancaster & Chester county area for multiple years.

When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her two grown children, Payne & Darby, and her four, four legged kids: dogs Aggie & Beau, cat Kingsford & bunny Britches.  She also enjoys traveling, spending time reading on her deck, and of course binging some Netflix and chillin’.



Doris’ journey in senior living began at the age of 10 when she was a girl scout. Her troop would volunteer on Saturdays at a nursing home in New Jersey.  To this day Doris still remembers all the residents, but there was one that will always have a special place in her heart. His name was Peter and every Saturday he would wait for her to play a mean game of pool. Peter made a lasting impression on Doris.

Doris took a detour from senior living and became an educator, teaching middle school for 20 years. Despite all those years, she never forgot about her dear friend Peter. As a teacher, she would encourage her students to give back, especially to seniors.  As a moderator for the Sunshine Club, Doris encouraged her students to volunteer with seniors. When her career as an educator ended, a friend who was a nurse encouraged Doris to go back to school to pursue an Allied Health degree.  Her first position was as a CNA at a skilled nursing home and Doris fell in love with the industry all over again, growing into other positions such as a staffing coordinator, business office manager, human resources, and associate executive director. In the past couple of years, Doris has found herself filling the role of her father’s caregiver who suffers from dementia which has given her the insight she needs to help families with the difficult decision of placing their loved ones in memory care or a skilled nursing community.

Originally from New Jersey, Doris relocated to Tarpon Springs five years ago. She is blessed with two amazing daughters, Lauren and Arden, two wonderful sons-in-law, Joey and Jay, and one loving grandson, Jayden. She enjoys spending time with her family, but most of all her grandson, especially at the beach or park, playing with his race cars or snuggling on the couch watching his favorite movie.



In 2011, Janell lost her best friend and mentor, her mother, to cancer. They both shared a deep love for seniors. Together when visiting her Grandmother at a nursing home as a young girl, Janell fondly remembers how she and her mother would end up visiting with all of the patients, not just her grandmother.

After the passing of her mom, Janell embarked on a lengthy journey of trying to find herself. An integral part of her journey was the realization that after working in corporate America in the insurance industry for the previous 12 years, Janell was not happy in her profession. She longed to work in an industry that brought joy to her life. Little did she know she would put her social work degree to use in senior living.

Janell, a firm believer that everything in life has a purpose, recognized that her greatest pain of losing her loving mother brought forth a blessing in disguise. Without her experience of having to walk through difficult steps of caring for her mother, making tough medical decisions about her health care, and experiencing all of the emotions that comes with caring for a sick loved one, Janell wouldn’t have the first-hand knowledge needed to serve her resident’s families with as much compassion, empathy and love as she now does. Often times she has to fight back tears while supporting a hurting family because she knows exactly the place they find themselves in.

Janell entered senior living with a tremendous desire to make a change in the lives of her seniors. Her journey began as a Director of Activities. She excelled quickly in this role soon after serving as an onboarding mentor for new directors, and after two years Janell took over her own building. Her desire “to really help people” has grown into her passion and goal to ensure her residents live a better life in her care than what they lived prior to moving in. You will often hear Janell testifying on how senior living has changed her life! She knows it sounds cliché but doesn’t shy away from saying, “It is truly my pleasure to serve our seniors. I feel like it’s a part of my purpose here on earth. I am one of the privileged people that get to go to work excited & loving what I do every single day.”

Janell has two sons Brenden and Bryce who are both in high school. She loves spending time with them talking, laughing, and watching movies. They enjoy watching new movies on the Thursday night before opening weekend. Janell and her boys enjoy traveling, including cruises and vacations to amazing destinations such as Cozumel, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Saint Maarten and throughout the United States.