Dining Venues

Dining Venues

Whether you choose to dine al fresco by the pool, in our wine bistro, or fireside in one of our inviting restaurants, we’ll prepare your favorite foods while creating a culinary experience that enlivens your senses. Whatever your fancy, dining is at your leisure and our personal chef is just that… personal!

During our various Culinary Workshops, our chefs share their secrets and look to learn a few of yours along the way to refining our menus.

W Room


Providing choices and keeping things fresh means more than using a variety of the freshest ingredients. That is why we celebrate local and international fare not simply by serving different recipes, but also in changing the atmosphere to create ambiance. Enjoy candlelit fine dining or indulge family style like the good old days in little Italy – it is our pleasure to create an authentic culinary experience.

Private Dining


Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or the stars have aligned and your group of friends can finally gather in the same room — celebrate the moment at Watercrest’s beautifully appointed private dining venue featuring expansive windows and an openair lounge. Warm lighting welcomes your closest friends and family to relax and enjoy wine tasting, a multi-course meal, or a sampling of specialty desserts. It is our pleasure to create a personal culinary experience for you and your guests.

Café Bistro & Wine Bar

café bistro & wine bar

We are an intimate bistro with a casual, yet decidedly classy feel. Here friends gather simply to enjoy good company. The relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere and personalized service inspire enthusiasm amongst guests who dine together at our restaurants. We specialize in flatbreads, charcuterie, private label wines, seasonal beers, coffees and desserts.

The Patio


Poolside or fireside, this al fresco dining experience offers residents lighter fare while enjoying the coastal living style of our outdoor eatery. Residents and families alike will enjoy the beautiful outdoor terrace set against the gorgeous backdrops for which Watercrest communities are recognized. Whether you wish to start your day at peace with nature or share good times with family and friends, this amenity sets the stage for quality living.

Bogey’s Cigar & Scotch Lounge


Offering premium cigars and scotch whiskey pairings reminiscent of southern high cotton living, Bogey’s Cigar and Scotch Lounge thoughtfully entwines the regal ambiance of grand hotels and the familiar comfort of your favorite country club. Personal preferences are explored and celebrated, housing your “vintage sticks and spirits” in private humidors and cabinets. Climate-controlled and well ventilated, aficionados and members alike enjoy settling in with a good book or socializing with friends.

Magnolia And Blossom Kitchen

Magnolia and Blossom Kitchen

Southern Living is about celebrating togetherness and the hospitality that comes naturally when caring for one another.  Our kitchen uniquely offers residents of Magnolia and Blossom Houses a cozy setting to enjoy chef prepared meals with familiar faces.

Market Street Bakery

Market Street Bakery

Enjoy the aromatics of freshly baked hand-crafted breads or the sweet fragrance of glazed cinnamon rolls made daily in our bakery. Perhaps one of the most distinct aromas is freshly ground coffee beans beginning to brew. This vivid scent awakens the senses, and the bright, crisp flavor triggers immediate recognition of times spent laughing and loving over a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Market Street Sweets

Market Street Sweets

The timeless indulgence of sweets treats connects us to seasons of life we enjoyed the most. Take a stroll into Market Plaza and partake in a variety of goodies that are thoughtfully selected to liven your senses. Reminisce while entertaining your taste buds with the creamy taste of hand churned ice-cream atop a sugar cone or a cup of one of our many vibrant flavors of Italian gelato. After all, satisfying one’s sweet tooth is akin to living well.


“Beef so tender you could cut it with your fork, cooked to perfection.”

- Resident