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Collin Baranick,
Executive Director – Sarasota, FL

Collin’s calling to senior living, inspired by his close relationship with his beloved grandmother, Alma, began during his early teen years. In 1997, Alma fell ill with pneumonia and due to complications, was in and out of hospitals for the next two years. During this time, while being exposed to many different healthcare settings and professionals, Collin saw both the good and the bad in senior healthcare. Collin realized there was a need for better care, and this need sparked a fire in Collin that wanted to deliver the absolute best care and service to the senior population.

Collin graduated nursing school in May of 2010 with plans to immediately enter the senior living industry. He started as a floor nurse for a large senior living provider in Ohio. It was this first-year nurse management position that laid the foundation for all the future opportunities and experiences in Collin’s senior living career. To this day, Collin is known for saying, “it is the front-line staff that will ultimately decide a community's success." Collin remembers being a floor nurse working the long nights on the third shift, and this helps him relate to how demanding and vital their roles are. Having this experience instills a desire within Collin to help them grow and overcome their challenges.

Before becoming an Executive Director with Watercrest Senior Living, Collin served in a role as Wellness Director with a large senior living provider in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This position took Collin to many of the company affiliate communities throughout the southeast. During this time, he gained experience in things such as improving community culture, staff training, and quality assurance, and at the same time, helping the various communities as Wellness Director, create an operation that delivered exceptional service to its residents and families. In his travels, Collin was often blessed to travel with the company's leading executives, where he received invaluable learning lessons and experiences that are still guiding him to this day. Collin’s first Executive Director’s position came just two years after starting with the company. Collin is known to say, "I felt like I got 10 years of experience in 2." These experiences exposed Collin to the "big picture" of operating a senior living community and sparked a strong desire to continue to grow and learn so he could have a more substantial and overall impact on the lives of seniors.

In recent years, Collin has gained valuable industry knowledge, having experienced the groundbreakings for the construction of new community buildings, the staffing of those new buildings, and the exciting grand openings of the new senior care communities. As the Executive Director, Collin opened two new communities “from the ground up” in South Carolina and Florida.

Now again, as Executive Director at Watercrest Senior Living, Collin is implementing his startup process of building new teams and creating a positive, team-centered culture where all members are not only encouraged, but charged with adding value and collaborating to fulfill the company’s vision and goals. For Collin, seeing the residents move into a new state-of-the-art facility, building relationships, socializing with new friends, creating new groups, and taking ownership of their new home while experiencing the best of the best service will be some of his biggest joys as Executive Director at Watercrest Senior Living.

Collin is originally from a small farm town in southern Ohio and currently lives in Sarasota, Florida. He is blessed with the wife of his dreams, Brittany, and their two little girls Ava, 5, and Mila, 3. Collin and Brittany fell in love with the gulf coast when they moved here in 2017 and are planning to call it home forever.