corporate team

marc vorkapich

joan t. williams

mark chilcott

Principal and

Chief Executive Officer

Core Value: Discernment

"Our collective values will

determine the extent to

which our collective vision

is realized."

Principal and

Chief Financial Officer

Core Value: Genuine

"Our associates are our

greatest asset, therefore our

most important investment

is in them."

Vice President of Development

Core Value: Represent

"Our call to honor and serve

seniors fuels our passion to

build the next generation of

assisted living communities."

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jeremy cairns

joni rozier

michele thompson

Vice President of Construction Management

Core Value: Positive

"I am honored to have the opportunity to transform a set of building plans into a home for our next Watercrest family member."

Vice President of Finance

and Corporate Controller

Core Value: Mentorship

“By providing our communities with easy-to-use, cost-effective systems from our key partners, our associates focus on serving our residents.”

Director of Operations

Core Value: Inspiring

"Enriching the lives of those

we serve is our motivation in

creating innovative approaches

of care and service in our

senior living communities."

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christy skinner

manuel navarro

shannon morelli

Director of Operations

Core Value: Philanthropy

"Our Passion, Dedication, and Uncompromising standard of excellence in service to our residents and associates alike is what makes us truly unique."

Director of Culinary Operations

Core Value: Integrity

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Director of
Clinical Operations

Core Value: Nurturing

"We are blessed everyday

with the compassion God has

placed in our hearts granting us

the ability to enrich the lives of

the seniors we care for."

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tracey bates

rose pietras

stephanie laplante

Director of

Human Resources

Core Value: Sincerity

"We commit to creating an environment that continually honors the dedication and passion shown by our associates in their pledge to care for our Seniors."

Director of

Market Development

Core Value: Commitment

"We have a responsibility to

provide our seniors a respectful

quality of life deserving of their

contributions to our society and

our life journey.”

Senior Accountant

Core Value: Dedication

“Success is loving and believing

in a purpose.  Caring for others

how we want ourselves and

families cared for is a truly

fulfilling, lifelong commitment.”

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merrilyn hale

alivia szczepanski

yilly soto

Payroll Systems Manager

Core Value: Perseverance

“By fulfilling our commitment

to our associates; we provide

the platform to fulfill our

commitment to our residents.”

Marketing Coordinator

Core Value: Intuitive

“To serve with compassion and respect isn't just impactful for our seniors, but in our everyday relationships with each other."


Core Value: Integrity

“Compassion, respect, and
integrity is a powerful force that
we have to possess in order to
serve and care for those who
once cared for us."

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community team

cindy gordie

Executive Director

Watercrest of San Jose

Core Value: Platform

“To make a difference in
someone’s life you don’t have
to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or
perfect-you just have to care.”

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