suggested readings

A Patient-Expert Walks You through Everything You Need to Learn and Do The First year:  Type 2 Diabetes

Gretchen Becker

This book uniquely guides you step-by-step through your first year with diabetes, walking you through everything you need to learn and do each day of

your journey.

The Diabetic Bible:  Your All-in-One Guide to Living Well with Diabetes

the Editors of Publications International Ltd.

The Diabetic Bible is an essential guide to making lifestyle and treatment choices to improve blood

sugar control and ward off complications—choices that will help diabetics feel better and live well with

the disease.

American Diabetes Association:  Complete Guide to Diabetes:  The Ultimate Home Reference from the Diabetes Experts

the American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association—the nation’s leading health organization supporting diabetes research, information, and advocacy—has

completely revised this comprehensive home reference to provide all the information a person needs to live an active, healthy life with diabetes.

What Do I Eat Now?:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Eating Right with Type 2 Diabetes

Patti Geil & Tami A. Ross

What Do I Eat Now? Is the single best resource for people with diabetes to learn how to eat right and eat healthy with diabetes.  Each chapter contains a vital concept of diabetes nutrition in easy-to-understand language.

The End of Diabetes:  The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

Joel Fuhrman

The New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live and Super Immunity and one of the country’s leading experts on preventive medicine offers a scientifically proven, practical program to prevent and reverse diabetes---without drugs.

The Best Life Guide to Managing Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Bob Greene,

John J. Merendino Jr., M.D.

and Janis Jibrin M.S., R.D.

Bob Greene has helped millions of Americans

become fit and healthy with his life-changing Best

Life plan.  Now, for the first time, Oprah’s trusted expert on diet and fitness teams up with a leading endocrinologist and an expert dietitian to offer a

Best Life program tailored to the need of people

with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Diabetes Forecast

Welcome to the Healthy Living Magazine! Diabetes Forecast is published each month in print and digital editions by the American Diabetes Association. All articles are reviewed by a dedicated group of health care professionals with clinical and/or research experience.



The National Diabetes Education Program

The National Diabetes Education Program contains valuable diabetes resources

for older adults including managing my diabetes, preventing Type 2 diabetes,

helping a loved one and health care professionals.

The American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association website contains important information

about Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes means your body does not use insulin

properly. This is called insulin resistance. The website provides information

regarding basic facts about Type 2 Diabetes, valuable tools if you have been

recently diagnosed, and insights on treatment and care.

The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

The National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse can help you determine if

you are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes. It also provides valuable steps you can

take to lower your risk of getting diabetes.

Web M.D.

Web M.D. provides easily understood information about all types of diabetes.

It is also a valuable resource on diabetic diets and overall health.

Diabetes Mine

Diabetes Mine is ranked as one of the top websites for diabetes information.

It contains a wealth of up to date information.

The Daily Diabetic

The Daily Diabetic is a great resource for diabetic patients and caregivers.

ACLS Educational Articles

Understand the classifications of diabetes, what it is, symptoms and diagnosis, along with risk factors, prevention and screening.