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Nutrition to the Max

Excellence in dinning and wellness are achieved through a well-balanced, serviced and planned menu that’s committed to promote the best of you.
At Watercrest our residents enjoy an all-day open seating style restaurant, here they’ll find our “Always Available Menu” that offers an array of Superfoods such as Oatmeal, Berries, Walnuts, Fresh Fruits, Spinach, Kale, Quinoa, Salmon, Brown Rice, Lentils, Black Beans, Red Beans, Sweet Potatoes just
to mention a few. And while ensuring those nutritious options, here we offer
our fresh made smoothies packed with yumminess and that nutritious punch serving as a meal alternative, an accompaniment or as a mid-day snack.
The Vitamins and Minerals found in smoothies improves our immune system, mood, flushes away toxins and keeps food moving through our bodies promoting a healthier lifestyle. Try this one out, you’ll love it. 
Cheers to our Health!!

The Super Green


1¼ cups chopped kale leaves (stems and tough rib removed)

1¼ cups frozen cubed mango

2 medium ribs celery, chopped

1 cup chilled fresh tangerine or orange juice

¼ cup chopped flat-leaf parsley

¼ cup chopped fresh mint



Combine all ingredients in blender. Puree until smooth.